Expert consulting services

Deployment services

An ideal learning experience with flexible consulting sessions and tailored training.

Select a time, we will set the training agenda tailored to your needs with full or half-day sessions, remotely or on-site. Kick off the data transition process by importing data as we meticulously clean up records, fine-tune drop-down settings, and establish customized permissions to set the stage for your Results® experience. Empower your team through comprehensive hands-on training by leveraging real-case business records and processes. We will guide you through every step and will address queries along the way.

Custom training

Basic and advanced training expertise are available at your fingertips. Our in-person sessions and our webinars provide expert guidance. Using real-life demonstrations, we will showcase records, drop-downs, and processes. Users gain a firsthand understanding of how the system operates within your business’ unique framework.

Data integration and conversion

We assist you in migrating current applications and data sources bringing your data into Results. We can also establish ongoing data integration and updates for continuous alignment.

Consulting and business analysis

Together, we will evaluate business requirements, and we will propose optimal strategies for setup and deployment. Our business solution surpasses the boundaries of a mere software license. We are focused on equipping you with a comprehensive solution that resonates with business and team aspirations.

Custom programming

Results can meet distinctive business requirements from customized reports, an additional module, a personalized screen, or supplementary fields. Our expert developers can bring your vision to life. We are also able to innovatively construct a broader partnership that not only benefits your sector but will also contribute to our larger user community.

Smooth Transitions

Guided onboarding services

We will launch you to success!

Our team will assist you through the setup and configuration of new Results users and the Results security system to set master permissions, user management, and other essential administrative functions.

We will review essential key lookup tables and lead you to independently manage them. Moreover, we will set up and configure QuickBooks integration to ensure fluidity and unified operations.

"Your support continues to be the gold standard for the software industry. I’ve enjoyed working with you and your team as I become more and more familiar and dependent upon Results to manage my business sales and marketing efforts. Thank you, in particular, for the prompt responses and tenaciousness in solving my problems."