Results Integrations

Results QuickBooks Integration

Results integrates bi-directionally with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. This integration allows users to work within the system of choice and allows both systems to remain uptodate with information for contacts, jobs/projects, items/pricing, invoices, payments, and more! Limit the number of QuickBooks users while ensuring your team can access the functionality and history they need, and has up-to-date and accurate information, no matter which system they are in. 

Results Outlook Integration

By connecting Microsoft Outlook with Results, email conversations are easier to track. Important emails can be neatly filed under each contact’s email history so everyone can see (and remember) the conversation history.

Results Gmail Integration

The Results Gmail integration quickly converts any email into an action item and centralizes all communications. Results users can reference past conversations with others in the company to better understand the client history. The integration also allows users to schedule follow up from various conversations. 

Results Avalara AvaTax Integration

Simple yet powerful, this new integration streamlines and improves sales tax calculation accuracy in Results Estimates, Sales Orders, and Invoices. Results users who ship from and to multiple locations can now validate addresses to calculate complex tax scenarios and ensure compliance with automated filings. The deep behind-the-scenes integration automatically identifies item-level taxable amounts and exemptions in the U.S. and internationally. System administrators have the flexibility to determine the number and type of calls to AvaTax on a granular level. In addition, the Audit Log provides a detailed list of the various interactions between Results and AvaTax.

Results Zapier Integration

Results integrates with Zapier to provide enhanced automation between Results and Outlook and Results and Gmail. Users can connect their Gmail or Outlook accounts via Zapier to turn their inbox into a productivity powerhouse. Using Zapier templates, emails can be converted into tasks so your team can easily track top priorities.   

Results Calendly Integration

Every time a new Calendly meeting is scheduled, the Results Calendly integration will create a new Results activity record under the appropriate contact record. This integration saves time by automatically tracking client meetings and appointments and improves contact record accuracy and follow-up.   

Results Text/SMS and WhatsApp Integration

Results integrates with both Text/SMS and with WhatsApp in very similar ways. This integration allows seamless and effective communication by allowing messages to be sent to any contact with a copy of the message, and related information, captured in Results.  Messages can be sent from Results instead of from individual accounts that are only visible to the sender.  With the centralized message history, it becomes clear what was said/sent to the contact and by whom.