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Discover the Power of Results®

Results is a service operations and Field Service Management (FSM) solution. Discover our award-winning software that revolutionizes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by integrating project management and field service operations.

A comprehensive tool enriched with essential integrations, Results is a perfect fit for service-based industries and small to medium-sized businesses with recurring client engagements. Results empowers businesses to develop enduring customer relationships, optimize operational processes, and fuel growth.

With a client-focused approach, it provides a feature-rich solution tailored for the all-digital, work-from-anywhere landscape, allowing businesses to harness their full potential for success.

Unleash Efficiency

Results integrates with leading business applications, including global QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks® Online versions, as well as Outlook, Gmail, and Zapier.
Results Product Line

Contact Management

Sales Management

Process Management

Service Orders

Project Management

Billing and Invoicing

QuickBooks® Integration


Foster and Sustain Relationships

Effortlessly Manage Contacts

Results connects all departments

Results serves as a centralized hub, weaving all departments together and streamlining operations by giving users a comprehensive 360-degree view of business relationships.

Exceed customer expectations

Transparency thrives when everyone is on the same page regarding commitments, orders, ongoing projects, and forthcoming ventures.

Deliver exceptional customer service

Empower service excellence with instant access to detailed account history, just a click away.

Sales Management

Empower your sales team with essential tools for success

Sales Management

Access visibility of the entire sales process

Effectively manage sales opportunities, generate precise quotes, schedule follow-ups, and maintain a well-organized sales pipeline.

Optimize workflows

Assure workflow continuity as sales transition from estimates to sales orders to invoices – all within Results, preserving every sales process nuance.

Monitor follow-up activities

Maximize revenue by ensuring that no account or opportunity slips through the cracks, with standardized sales processes and by tracking sales follow-up and account management.

Process Automation

Consistent Results Every Time

Powerful Process Management

Create a library of tailored process templates

Allocate tasks to the appropriate individuals, precisely when needed.

Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver uniform service and leave no detail overlooked and maintain brand quality by standardizing client interactions.

Service Orders

Easily Manage Service Orders and Tasks

Schedule Services and Orders

Navigate team schedules and assignments

Use the Results WorkGroup calendar to modify appointments within the calendar to balance workload and adapt to changing circumstances.

Monitor and oversee planned tasks

Review Kanban Boards, calendar, and activities screen, for a bird-eye view of company activities.

Enhance data accuracy

Ensure non-error contact details and accurate mailing of sales orders and invoices by maintaining up-to-date information.


Project Management Simplified

Project Management

Automate the transition from opportunity to project

Transfer opportunity details, including notes, estimates, orders, activities, and documents to the project, removing any guesswork from project management simplifying project delivery and ensuring client success.

Streamline project workflows

Create libraries of reusable project workflow templates to assign and schedule project activities with just a few clicks. Also, centralize and encapsulate all project details and documents to facilitate tracking so projects stay on track and on schedule. Finally, use project user fields to customize the tracking of due dates, budgets, milestones, and details unique to projects and customers.

Comprehensive project oversight

The Results Project Management module ensures that everyone working on a project knows what was promised, deliverables, and tasks / responsibilities at hand, every step of the way.


Control Billing and Receivables

Billing and Invoicing

Handle time-billing

Enable users to convert billable hours into invoices with time-based billing. Users can also easily track and capture billable activities to ensure they are properly invoiced.

Convert quotes to invoices

Transform quotes and sales orders into invoices which automatically synchronize into QuickBooks.

Empower users with crucial customer insights

Users can access vital customer account details, such as ordered products, balances, and payments – all without requiring QuickBooks access.


Effective QuickBooks Integration

Enhanced Visibility into QuickBooks Data


Automatic synchronization

Results and QuickBooks simplifies workflow by providing users with valuable information such as customers, jobs, vendors, products, projects, payments, and invoices.

Eliminate double data entry

Results for QuickBooks simplifies financial data accuracy and eliminates dual data entry, leading to saved time and reduced errors. Estimates smoothly transition to sales orders, then to invoices – all through the simplicity of a single click.

“Results CRM is a must-have for any
business that uses QuickBooks®!”

Simon Pass

Intuit Reseller Program,
Global Franchise Sales Leader

Easily adapts to various industries


Accounting Firms


Consulting Firms


Light Manufacturing and Assembly


Wholesale and Distribution




HVAC and Mechanical Contractors


Construction and Home Improvement Contractors


Inspections for Compliance and Certifications


Service Delivery and Maintenance


Equipment Sales and Services

System Design and Technology

Mobile-first design

Enable teams to access data remotely and on any device.

Cross-platform architecture

Leverage versatile cross-platform architecture on Windows Servers or Apache, powered by MS-SQL or MySQL.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Unlock flexibility with Progressive Web App (PWA).

Deployment and Licensing

SaaS / Cloud

Select our managed Azure Cloud for SaaS access ensuring a seamless deployment and automatic updates. We take care of the infrastructure, updates, data backups, and layered security framework for true peace of mind.


Opt to deploy on-premises or private cloud for organizations with enterprise infrastructure or specific security and compliance requirements.

Subscription and Site Licenses

Choose subscription or a license with options for unlimited users.

We capture more business because we have great processes set up in a great operations platform that keeps us on track and on schedule. If we didn’t use Results for our internal business operation, we would not be nearly as organized, efficient, or productive. We have grown over 50% in the last two years, but our headcount has only increased by 8%, and we attribute that success to this application.

Steve Williams