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Built-in Integrations

Results has numerous built-in integrations to popular products such as QuickBooks, Outlook, Constant Contact, and more!

Budget Friendly

Results offers monthly, annual and one-time purchase options, to accommodate ANY budget.


Our in-house developers can customize Results to your specific business needs without losing the option to upgrade to the latest release.
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Desktop or Mobile

Results is a unique hybrid with dual Desktop and pure Web interfaces, to support back-office and mobile users as an add-on to Results CRM or Results Business Suite and is included in Results Field Services.  In addition to the desktop access, the web-based application is supported on all major browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari).  The mobile interface can be accessed via any web-enabled device.

OnPremise or Hosted

Results can be deployed In-House (On-Premise), on your Private Cloud or Hosted.


``...For QuickBooks users, the integration component is extremely robust; more so than many products I have looked at or worked with in the past... Results navigation and search functionality are simple and allow you to easily and rapidly access the data you desire... My support experience was phenomenal.``
Steve Green
Intuit-Certified Third-Party Application Analyst and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Results product for my company?

Results CRM is designed for automating your Sales Team.  Results Business Suite is designed to automate your entire company as it contains CRM but also service orders, projects and invoices.  Results Field Services is designed for mobile teams and contains all CRM and Business Suite features.

Is Results a desktop or a cloud solution?

Results is a desktop solution.  An optional mobile add-on can be purchased for each product that allows a dual windows-based and web-based solution to support the back office as well as remote and mobile users.  Results can be installed either in-House  (On-Premise) or can be fully Hosted (In-the-Cloud). 

How does Results integrate with QuickBooks?

One-click or fully automated, unattended synchronization provides bi-directional integration between Results and QuickBooks. keeping both systems up to date and giving users the information they need.  Customer, job, vendor and employee information; products/items, estimates and sales orders, invoices, sales receipts, payments and even purchase orders are updated in both systems automatically.

Do we need a server to run Results?

Not necessarily.   For small business installation, you only need a shared drive where all of the users can access the Results data.  A server is only required if you plan to use the Results Mobile Add-On.  There are also cloud hosting options.

Can I bring in data from my old CRM?

Yes!  You can export your data into an Excel file and easily import it into Results.  Alternatively, you can select to pay for our Data Integration and Conversion service, which starts at $495.

Which versions of QuickBooks does Results integrate with?

The Results QuickBooks Integration works with QuickBooks Online and the Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) version of QuickBooks.  Our integration supports the U.S., Canadian and the U.K. versions of QuickBooks desktop.

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