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Results CRM 2017 Released

Results CRM 2017 Released

With the release of the new 2017 version of Results CRM, ease of use was our top priority. Here is a glimpse at the new features:

Seamless Integration

Historically, the main problem within a QuickBooks CRM system enabled for mobile optimization was that many of the features had been stripped down.  This isn’t the case with the new 2017 version of Results.

With the development of mobile technology, businesses are jumping onto the cloud bandwagon.  Sales teams can now use their cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices to take orders, manage clients, and so much more.  The recently released version of Results CRM provides seamless integration between the desktop and web environments.  Activities that are performed in the office are now instantly available to people in the field and any information done in the field is automatically updated in the office.

The visual interface between the desktop and the mobile applications is also seamless.  With just a few minor visual alterations between the desktop and mobile versions, the user experience is the same which will result in tasks being performed faster as well as the likelihood of inaccurate data being reduced. Consistency in design also increases adoption by the users, making the business investment a worthwhile expense.

Prefer the mobile environment over a desktop experience?  Then you will be happy to know that you can easily access the web interface from your desktop computer through any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  This makes working in both environments great for this QuickBooks CRM system.

Mass Assignment of Tasks

When working with a large number of tasks, such as assigning a sales rep to specific clients, one would typically have to sort through an entire list then export or print names and records, hand these off to a sales rep, and then repeat the entire process of trying to find these records in the database.  With the new version of Results this painful process is no longer an issue.  With Results 2017, we are now able to mass assign tasks to specific reps.  This is done by the new proprietary feature that isn’t found in any other QuickBooks CRM system on the market.

Color Coded Activities

Checking things off your Results To-Do list and completing service orders just got a lot easier with the recent update in 2017. The brand new feature in Resactivity-dmcults 2017 includes color-coded Activity & Service Order Management Centers (DMCs), allowing users to stay super organized and quickly pick up, assign or complete tasks based on the activity or service order type.

New Search Features

Another great feature in the newest release of Results is the search feature.  With the new search feature you are given a wide array of options to find the records you are looking for.  For example, you can find accounts that have not been active in a period of a week, month, six months or whatever timeframe you desire.  This will help to ensure that your clients and customers are not neglected, as well as ensure that if you are selling a specific product that has an expected reorder date, you can remind them to reorder before they are out.

Drag and Drop

In the new version of Results we now have the ability to drag and drop documents directly into the software.  This can be useful for taking screen shots, photos, videos and other documents such as sales orders and apply them to the account.  All you need to do is select your record, choose the file type you want to add, and voila! This is a great time saver and one that will allow you to easily keep documents up to date and secure.

Results is committed to continuously improving our business management solution. The latest update answers many of the feature requests by users and stay tuned as new features will constantly be added and updated as we continue to create the best QuickBooks CRM system available.  Want to see the awesome new changes? Try for free today!


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