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11 Ways a QuickBooks CRM Amplifies Business

11 Ways a QuickBooks CRM Amplifies Business

When evaluating software for business, we want it to accomplish as much as possible so we don’t end up needing to implement and access multiple applications.  Consolidating processes, data, and business intelligence into a single application (either by itself or through integrations) is the goal; this creates efficiencies previously unknown. A well adopted QuickBooks CRM is commonly this solution, and becomes the nucleus of an organization. How does a QuickBooks CRM system amplify business exactly? Well, there are a plethora of real-world examples to pull from but here are our top 11 to consider:

#1 – Understanding the Client Relationship

When evaluating CRM solutions, we want to find one that integrates well with the financial software of the organization. Since QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software for businesses in the U.S. we will use that as the benchmark. When you integrate QuickBooks with our CRM software, we have an instant snapshot of client relationship lifecycles.  We can see in one centralized location what they have purchased, when they purchased, how often they purchase, and any problems they may have had. CRM’s record every touch in client management.

#2 – Easy Collaboration

When we have a QuickBooks CRM solution it is simple for anyone in the organization to have access to specific information at a moments notice.  Since most CRM solutions are located in the cloud, anyone in the company (at anytime, and from anywhere) can access the information, give feedback, make additions to the data and more.  This ensures real-time data and allows collaboration between employees to be hassle free.

#3 – Easily Manage and Maintain Tasks

When running a company it is essential to have visibility into what has been completed and items that remain outstanding.  With a QuickBooks CRM solution, you can easily view progress reports as well as notes contained within the CRM.  This data is updated instantly so there is no need to second guess if you are wasting time, money, or resources on tasks that have already been completed. It also provides visibility into bottlenecks that need to be resolved.

#4 – Track KPI’s

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) can be tracked within a QuickBooks CRM as the data is pulled from not one, but two sources of critical information: your CRM system and your accounting software.  You can evaluate the health of the organization through KPI’s such as profit and loss, cash on hand, and time to conversion in the sales process. Integrate QuickBooks with a CRM to keep track of all your sales, inventory, and the financial health of your organization.  Adding an integrated CRM solution to QuickBooks is a no-brainier.

#5 – Improve Sales Conversions

If you are looking to amplify your business, increased revenue is at the top of your list. When working with a QuickBooks CRM solution, you can increase sales as more data on the client is being tracked and tasks that employees would normally have to manually perform are automated giving them more time for actual sales work. On average, it will take 7 prospect touches (email, phone, social, ad, video etc) before they engage. A CRM system makes sure to remind your sales team of the necessary touches and doesn’t let anything fall between the cracks.

#6 – Assess Employee Productivity

CRM systems enable managers to track the progress of employees and identify high-performers, bottlenecks, and more importantly – those that are a time or money suck. If they are performing then you know who to count on for the big deals.  If they are underperforming then you know where your dead weight is and you can adjust to hire more productive people.

#7 – Upsell Opportunities Realized

Integrated QuickBooks CRM systems assist in increasing revenue not just through the acquisition of new clients, but by identifying new opportunities within your current customer base. Purchasing habits can be identified and other products/services that work in conjunction or solve other problems can be proposed. One of the most underused assets of a business are the customers you already have.  Use your QuickBooks CRM solution to keep these relationships happy, and healthy.

#8 – Predict the Future

By integrating the accounting software with your CRM solution, you can forecast future trends as well as make better informed decisions.  Easy to understand charts, reports and graphs are like a crystal ball into the future of your company.

#9 –Communication Enabled

Communication is vital, both internally and externally. With staff, asking for status updates can slow your team down and hinder productivity. If a CRM is being used, then the information that you need is already inside the CRM. Clients need to be communicated with regularly to set realistic expectations and log deliverables. Business will be amplified if communication is enabled and that is exactly what customer relationship management is all about!

#10 – Up in the Clouds

We are in a digital world, and we need accessibility to information wherever we go.  This is why a QuickBooks CRM solution that is hosted in the cloud is essential.  Accessing data on a mobile device or via the internet on your PC amplifies the connectedness with clients, other staff members, and data. This in turn keeps your business moving regardless of if someone is in the office to keep the lights on.

#11 – One-Stop Shop

At the beginning of this amplified business journey, we discussed the importance of creating a nucleus for your organization so that staff don’t have the cumbersome task of jumping between multiple applications.  With a QuickBooks CRM, your team has one place to get everything that they need. This type of one-stop shop empowers employees to work smarter, not harder. It sets them up for success and improves company morale.

When it comes to your business management solutions, these 11 benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are hundreds of reasons why you want to implement a QuickBooks integrated CRM system for your company, and why not use the most award-winning QuickBooks CRM of them all? Results CRM. Delivering exactly what we are named for. Try for free today, and see the difference.

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