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6 Time-Saving Benefits of Smart Integration

What Happens When CRM and QuickBooks Talk

Did you know that integrating a CRM with QuickBooks can not only save a business valuable time but can also streamline workflow with automation, generate revenue through up-sell opportunities and improve business relationships by results_quickbooks_smallproviding visibility into client and vendor information to all staff?

When a CRM solution is designed to be fully integrated with QuickBooks, it provides everyone in the company visibility to the customer and vendor information they need, without giving them access to sensitive accounting data.  In fact, when a CRM system properly integrates with QuickBooks (meaning bi-directionally and at the transaction level), Sales and Management teams have up-to-date account information at their fingertips so they can immediately identify up-selling opportunities and respond to customer and vendor inquiries, and it also saves Accounting from needing to respond to these inquiries and from needing to generate and send periodic sales reports.

When CRM and QuickBooks integrate bi-directionally, businesses can expect to save time by being able to:

1. Respond quickly to client questions or concerns regarding order status, purchase order history, payment information, invoice balances and more.

2. Work within the application of choice. Contact information, employee calendars, important emails, important documents, order history, payment history, and the sales pipeline will all be centralized in one database.

3. Quickly identify up-sell opportunities with comprehensive reporting and access to the order history of each account.

4. Assure accuracy by automating “pipeline to invoice” workflow. With a click of a button, quotes can be easily converted into sales orders and orders into invoices, ensuring no “human-error” in re-entering information and there are never any details missed.

5. Eliminate double entry. It shouldn’t matter if information is updated in QuickBooks or the integrated CRM application; contact information, sales orders and invoices should only need to be entered once.

6. Improve information accuracy by ensuring that contact information is always up-to-date. Integration automatically makes sure the latest changes are reflected in both systems, thus ensuring all your communications, including invoices, purchase orders and sales promotions will always be sent to the correct address.

Every organization faces competing priorities and automating the way you do business should not be overlooked.  An integrated CRM solution will provide any company with competitive advantages and improved customer satisfaction – two things that are particularly important to grow your business.  Now is a better time than ever to consider the many ways your organization would benefit by implementing an integrated CRM solution.

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