We're Head Over Heels for TSheets!

We're Head Over Heels for TSheets!

Results_TSheets_Integration - Option 1
Results COO, Jonathan Asfour, in his favorite TSheets tee.

Announcing the Integration of TSheets with Results

TSheets is a powerful mobile time-tracking tool designed to effectively manage timesheets for payroll.

Benefits of the new TSheets and Results integration:

  • Clock-in & Clock-out in either TSheets or Results, using your desktop or mobile device
  • Who’s Working allows you to see who is clocked-in, in real time
  • Multi-level Timesheet Approval (i.e. keep employees capped at certain hours, review and approve overtime, etc.)
  • Notify Staff via TSheets Messaging sent through Results to any individual(s) in the company
  • Send TSheets Timesheets to QuickBooks for payroll processing

TSheets Integration

Join our Beta Team for the Results 2015 Q3 Beta release!

Use, test and provide feedback on this exciting new release.  Email [email protected] or call your Results Advisor at 800-713-7013, for more information.

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