Farm Credit Success Story

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Results Ensures Proper Project Turnaround

THE BACKGROUND: Farm Credit Mandan

Farm Credit Services Mandan is a member-owned cooperative, offering farm operating. equipment, and real estate loans and a variety of financial management services. The Mandan Association serves a twenty county area in Southwest North Dakota. Results is utilized in support of the AgAccounting department.


Time Management.

Farm Credit needed to properly allocate and track time spent on projects. They also needed a way to generate invoices for the time spent on projects.

Organizing Documents & Communication

Farm Credit Mandan needed a way to track and manage internal documents and information assigned to specific technicians. They also wanted to record all communication and information flowing into and out of the office.

Service & Follow Up

The association needed to identify which technicians were meeting the specified turnaround period. They needed the ability to set up processes to ensure proper follow up was taken if turnaround times were not met.


Centralized Customer Records.

With Results, customer information is centrally located and can be accessed by all technicians. Contact records only need to be updated in one place. Users can easily review invoices, activities and notes associated with each customer.

Mass Invoicing.

The Mass Invoicing feature is a seamless tool that turns billable activities into invoices. Within minutes, Farm Credit has all appropriate customers billed.

Resource Management.

Farm Credit uses Results to manage time spent on projects, ensure deadlines are met and to assign additional resources where needed. Results provides a comprehensive view of the work that needs to be done and who is going to accomplish it.
Results allows us to seamlessly turn billable activities into invoices. Within minutes, we have all of our appropriate customers billed.
Todd Klee
Farm Credit Mandan


Farm Credit Mandan uses the Activities Data Management Center (DMC) to ensure timelines are kept. At any time, any user can see which technician has tasks to complete, when the tasks are due, if someone is back-logged, where additional resources are needed and if promised turnaround times are met. Users can view activity comments and quickly identify if the company is waiting for information or tasks need to be reassigned.

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