Is Your Small Business CRM in it for the Long Haul?

Is Your Small Business CRM in it for the Long Haul?

Searching for and implementing a CRM can be the answer to improving customer satisfaction, increasing sales and streamlining processes.  With the right tool in place for your small business, a small business CRM can lay the foundation for exponential business growth.  But, is your small business CRM going to be able to keep up with your business growth?

The truth is, it wasn’t long ago that CRM (Customer Relationship small business crmManagement) software was reserved for designed for enterprise companies.  Fast forward a few years, and it seems the possibilities for a basic CRM solution are endless.  Although many of the newer designed systems might solve your problem of the day, many of them are not sufficient for projected business growth.  Before investing time and money into a small business CRM, organizations should make sure their search for the “perfect CRM” includes a system designed to bridge between the small business you are today into the larger business you will become in the future.

A CRM that is designed to grow with your business will:

  1. Support an unlimited number of Contacts.  Every year, conference, purchased mailing list, marketing campaign, event and employee will add to your database.  Make sure your CRM is not limited to the amount of data it can handle!

  2. Provide enhanced functionality and workflow options.  As your departments grow, so will your dependency on automated processes and system automation.  While you might need every bell and whistle today, your small business CRM should be scalable enough to support increased workloads, information and data.

  3. Flexible and customizable.  As your business changes, so will the way you operate.  A flexible small business CRM should allow you to easily change field labels, drop-down values and work-flow options to mirror the information your company needs to track as it morphs into a larger operation.

  1. Integrate with key small business products.  When your small business CRM integrates with products businesses use every day like QuickBooks, Outlook, and Constant Contact, you will be able to consolidate in eliminate double-data entry and consolidate information from otherwise isolated applications.

Your Small Business CRM search today may simply focus on keeping your employees organized and your customers happy.  However, if growth is in your future, make sure your CRM search also includes a system with a track record for helping companies grow and supporting organizations in their future growth.

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