Software that Works the Way You Do

Results can be easily customized to accommodate your special and unique business needs. Whether you need a custom report, an extra module, a custom screen or a few fields added, it can be done!

In addition to the custom fields and configuration options throughout our product, our development team works with clients to understand the desired workflow and capabilities. After we understand your needs, we can provide an affordable proposal that will take your software vision to reality.

Examples of Results customizations:

  • Creating custom screensfolder-tools-sm
  • Adding critical fields
  • Building online portals

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Recent Customization Projects:

    • Custom Module & Reporting – Designed to track international copyright registrations and renewals.
    • Custom Workflow Solution – Designed to manage multi-location Contracting and Project firm, including providing mobile access and time tracking.
    • Custom Project Management – Created to manage projects and resources for regional Restoration Contractor.
    • Event Registration Portal (ERP) – Online registration for events that updated Results with new contact and transaction information. The system supported discounted Early Registration fees (as well as regular pricing) and used Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services to process the order and payment, and send email notifications.
    • Scholarship and Grant Management Process – Designed to track the applications and award of scholarships to family members of soldiers that have died or were permanently disabled in the line of duty.
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP) – Designed to track, manage and report on more than 400 Special Educators and Specialists serving 5,500+ students with special needs.
    • Civil Processing Management System (CPMS) – Created for police agencies to track and manage civil papers and services.
    • CallCard Tracking – Created to manage residential and calling card phone service. This customization included the following modules: order entry, call history importing & tracking; customer service; reporting & forecasting.