How to Get Results at QBConnect (Pt. 2)

Packing List for QBConnect

QBConnect is only a few weeks away!  Hopefully you have already been checking items off of your Pre-Conference Checklist!

Before you know it, it will be time to pack your bags and head to San Jose.  This week, I’d like to discuss what and how to pack for a successful conference besides clothes.  Here are some things I take along for a smoother conference experience:

1. Devices of every kind.  You can never have enough devices at a conference; make sure to bring your laptop, tablet, phone and anything else that will help you stay connected.  As you walk the floor, attend events, hang out after hours, or communicate with the office, you’ll want to be connected.  If I had to choose one item in addition to my iPhone, it would be my iPad.  Why?  I can connect to the office and answer emails, receive texts, watch a TV Show in my room, read a book, or surf the web.

2. Extra power cords and battery packs. You need power and cords and so will everyone else!  With extra power cords handy, you can reach “hero” status fairly quickly by offering an extra plug to the guy next to you running on 5%.  The dreaded red “low battery” icon – it happens to us all!

3. Comfy shoes. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking.  And then you’ll walk some more.  Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and not the ones you just bought that haven’t been broken in yet. Band-Aids. No matter how comfy your shoes are, blisters happen.  And if they don’t happen to you, they will happen to someone near you!  Be prepared.

4. A picture of your business cards. Old-fashioned business cards are an essential.  Take it one step further and have a picture of your business card stored on your phone at all times!  Text the picture of your card to your new contacts and they will have your contact with them wherever they go!

5. Extra room in your suitcase. You will be coming home with a lot of “conference stuff”.  Make sure to leave room for the t-shirts, brochures and giveaways that you’ll accumulate over your stay.

6. Hand sanitizer. You’ll be shaking lots of hands…..enough said!

Stay tuned for the last, but probably the most important, article in this series:  how to turn your conference leads into revenue!


About the Author: 

Richard_Roppa_Picture_01Richard Roppa is the Owner of Quasar Cowboy Consulting.  Richard is passionate about Business Process, the entire QuickBooks Eco-Sphere, and helping businesses grow through integrated CRM.  Richard has presented in a variety of accounting shows on topics including QBO for Accountants, Engagement Letters, Practice Growth Strategies, CRM, SmartVault, Sales, Practice Management Software, and Cloud Applications. He is also a published author on and The Intuit Accountant Blog.

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