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We will work with you to assess your business needs and recommend the best practices to setup and deploy Results within your organization. Our consulting services can be delivered in-person or via remote sessions and are geared towards providing you a complete business solution not just a software license.


Our professional trainers deliver Basic and Advanced Training classes via webinar or in-person to an unlimited number of employees.  During the training, we will demonstrate your own business records, drop-downs, and processes so that users can get an accurate view of how to use the system within your organization.


We will work with your existing applications and data sources to convert and import data into Results or setup ongoing data integration/updates.  After importing the records, we will merge duplicate records and perform general data “clean up” so that your team can start working with a clean version of the data you already have.


Our developers will customize Results to accommodate your special and unique business needs.  Whether you need a custom report, an extra module, a custom screen or a few fields added, it can be done! If we like your idea for a custom modification and think it is applicable to others users, we might offer to develop it as a Shared-Development project, for a reduced hourly rate.


Schedule one or more full day remote or on-site consulting sessions.  Pick from our menu of services and design your own training agenda.  We’ll start by importing data from your old CRM, Outlook, QuickBooks or Excel.  We’ll clean up you records, customize your drop-down settings, identify business processes, set security rights for your users, and then train your entire team – using your own business records, drop-downs, and processes.

Your support continues to be the gold standard for the software industry. I’ve enjoyed working with you and your team as I become more and more familiar and dependent upon Results to manage my business sales and marketing efforts. Thank you, in particular, for the prompt responses and tenaciousness in solving my problems.
Jeff Mann
CEO - Co founder

Onboarding SERVICE





Let the Experts Get You Up and Running

Onboarding SERVICE

User Set Up

We’ll show you how to setup and configure Results Users and the Results security system.

Customize Drop-Downs.

We’ll review the key lookup tables with you and customize them so users can start using a Results product configured specifically to your organization.  While we’re at it, we’ll explain what we’re doing so you’ll able to maintain them.

QuickBooks Integration.

We’ll show you how to setup and configure our QuickBooks Integration, if desired.

Outlook Integration.

We’ll show you how to setup and configure our Outlook Integration.

Constant Contact Integration

We’ll show you how to setup and configure our Constant Contact Integration, if desired.