Go Mobile

Go Mobile with Results

No matter if you’re working at home, in the office or on the road, you should have access to the real-time company information.  Be productive anywhere, anytime, and with any web-enabled device!  . 

 Take Results Anywhere Your Team Goes: 

  • Access real-time company info from any device, including tablets and smart phones. 
  • Assign tasks based on the user’s GPS location.
  • Access Activity and Service Order documents, schematics and instructions via a Mobile Device. 
  • Obtain instant updates  from your mobile team 
  • Take before & after pictures, capture signatures and create quotes & invoices with all data and files instantly available back at the office for instant visibility and bill completed work. 
  • Search for and map Customers or Vendors based on proximity to any address

How it’s Delivered:

Results Enterprise is the only version of Results that provides users mobile or web access.  

In addition to the desktop access, the web-based application  is supported on all major browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari).  The mobile interface can be accessed via any web-enabled device.  For more technical specifications, please visit our System Requirements page.


 Results Field Services Portal

Limited License Option for Mobile Users

  • Provides access to assigned activities and service orders
  • Excellent option for field staff that do not need access to the full relationship management and product functionality
  • Affordable way to provide users access to assignments and their timesheets
  • Add-on licensing option available with Results Enterprise only