Results CRM and ShareFile

Securely share, sync and store large files in the cloud

ShareFile-Logo-green - smallShareFile is a secure, cloud-based file sharing and storage solution specifically built for business. The system allows users to send, receive, sync, and store files with anyone, anywhere, using any device!

ShareFile allows you to create a custom-branded, password-protected space where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. Whether you need to send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer, or just require a collaboration space where project-related files can be posted, ShareFile has the solution for you.

When Results integrates with ShareFile, files can be added or accessed within Results, allowing you to view all account information within one application.

Results users can access ShareFile documents from within Results CRM, Project or Business Suite so that information relevant to contacts can be seen within one application. Results users can send, receive, sync and store files without leaving the application.

 Do More with Results CRM and ShareFile: 

  • Provides access to ShareFile documents at various levels within Results.  ShareFile documents can be accessed from the Contact, Activity, Project, and Sales Opportunity screens. 

  • Eliminates switching back and forth between applications.  ShareFile documents can be added and accessed within Results so that all relevant account information can be tracked in one place. 

  • Syncs documents that were added in Results to all devices. Once a document is added within Results, it becomes available on all of your devices, including your mobile device.

  • Provides enhanced reporting capabilities to Results users. ShareFile provides reports that allow users to track their files and know who opened their files and at what time.

  • Increases productivity by providing access to important documents anytime, anywhere. Mobile apps allow you to access and share documents on the go.


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