Results Integrations


One click synchronizes Results CRM and QuickBooks, keeping both systems up to date and giving users the information they need. Customer, job, vendor and employee information; products, estimates and orders; jobs and projects, invoices, payments and even purchase orders are automatically updated in both systems so it’s easy to keep everyone on the same page and working with the right data.


Capture all emails, including their attachments, inside the CRM. Mail-merge and email standard communications to individuals and groups. Keep customer, prospect and vendor contact information up to date all the time when you synchronize Results CRM and Outlook. Record tasks and activities without entering them twice, keep company calendars up-to-date.


CBuild lasting relationships with the Results CRM and Constant Contact integration! Let this integration be the key to building lasting and successful relationships through email marketing. Together, Results CRM and Constant Contact make targeting and tracking your email marketing efforts even easier! Get ready to see even better results from your email campaigns!


The Results and TSheets integration boosts productivity by allowing users to clock-in and clock-out in either TSheets or Results, using their desktop or mobile device. Results users who are scheduling services and/or project resources will automatically be able to see which employees are working and on which project.


Results CRM helps businesses keep their contracts, agreements, diagrams and other business documents stored securely in the cloud with SmartVault’s secure cloud document management solution. CRM documents are easy to find and connect to any Results record, making sure all the information you need is at your fingertips where and when you need it.


Add or access your secure, cloud-based ShareFile documents from within Results CRM. Use the Results CRM and ShareFile integration to connect the important documents to contact records and access them at any time, without switching applications.