Results Evaluation

Welcome to Results Software!

The Results CRM Business Suite Evaluation Edition can be downloaded and installed on as many PCs as needed.

To Get Started:

  1. Click here to download the Results Business Suite installation program to your computer.
  2. While the Results Setup program is being downloaded, click here to watch this short Product Tour that will teach you how to use Results.

To Install and Evaluate Results:

  1. To install Results, double-click the downloaded “Results_Setup_v14…” program and accept all defaults.
  2. After installing Results, double-click on the “Results with Sample Data” icon on your desktop.
  3. On the Results login screen, enter the User ID “Mary” and keep the password blank then click “Ok”.

Note: The Results Evaluation Edition can be downloaded and installed on as many individual PCs as needed. If you want to install and configure the Results Evaluation Edition on a server for simultaneous access by multiple users working in the same evaluation database, please contact your Results Advisor regarding our Results Pilot program.

Evaluation Guide and Results User Manual:

Click on the document of interest, to open the corresponding PDF file:


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